ESM Tools

The command line interface esm_tools also has a top-level program you can use to interact with several parts of our software.

Usage: Top level commands

To show all top-level commands:

$ esm_tools --help
Usage: esm_tools [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --version  Show the version and exit.
  --help     Show this message and exit.

  create-new-config  Opens your $EDITOR and creates a new file for NAME
  test-state         Prints the state of the last tested experiments.

Usage: Getting the Version

You can get the version number you currently have with:

$ esm_tools --version
esm_tools, version 6.20.1

Usage: Checking current testing state

You can get the current state of our automatic tests with:

$ esm_tools test-state

Usage: Making a new component

You can get a pre-generated template to add a new component with:

$ esm_tools create-new-config <MY_NEW_CONFIG_NAME>
Creating a new component configuration for my_new_thing


Thank you! The new configuration has been saved. Please commit it (and get in touch with the
esm-tools team if you need help)!

You can also specify if you are creating a new setup or a new component with:

$ esm_tools create-new-config --type setup <MY_NEW_SETUP_NAME>

Note however that there is (as of this writing) no template available for setups!