The package esm_motd is an ESM-Tools integrated message-of-the-day system, intended as a way for the ESM-Tools Development Team to easily announce new releases and bug fixes to the users without the need of emailing.

It checks the versions of the different ESM-Tools packages installed by the user, and reports back to the user (writing to stdout) about packages that have available updates, and what are the new improvements that they provide (i.e. reports back that a bug in a certain package has been solved).

This check occurs every time the user uses esm_runscripts.

The messages, their corresponding versions and other related information is stored online in GitHub and accessed by ESM-Tools also online to produce the report. The user can look at this file if necessary here: <>_.


The motd.yaml file is to be modified exclusively by the ESM-Tools Core Development Team, so… stay away from it ;-)