Get ESM-Tools


ESM-Tools is hosted on To get access to the software you need to be able to log into

Then you can start by cloning the repository esm_tools.git. Type into a terminal of the HPC or computer of your choice the following command line:

$ git clone

This will create a local repository of ESM-Tools in a folder named esm_tools. This repository includes a collection of yaml configuration files containing all the information on models, coupled setups, machines, etc. in the subfolder config, default namelists in the folder namelists, example runscripts for a large number of models on different HPC systems in subfolder runscripts, and this documention in docs. Also you will find the installer used to install the python packages.

More information on the installation of ESM-Tools can be found in the section Installation or also in the section Ten Steps to a Running Model.

Accessing components in DKRZ server

Some of the ESM-Tools components are hosted in the servers. To be able to reach these components you will need:

  1. A DKRZ account (

  2. Request access to the repository from the corresponding author of the component if necessary. Feel free to contact us if you don’t know who the model developers are or check the Supported Models section.