Python Packages

The ESM-Tools are divided into a number of python packages / git repositories, both to ensure stability of the code as well as reusability:


The only repository to clone by hand by the user, esm_tools.git contains the subfolders

configs: A collection of yaml configuration files, containing all the information needed by the python packages to work properly. This includes machine specific files (e.g. machines/mistral.yaml) , model specific files (e.g fesom/fesom-2.0.yaml), configurations for coupled setups (e.g. foci/foci.yaml), but also files with the information on how a certain software works (batch_systems/slurm.yaml), and finally, how the esm_tools themselves are supposed to work (e.g. esm_master/esm_master.yaml).


This repository contains the python files that give the esm_master executable in the subfolder esm_master.


The python package of the esm_runscripts executable. The main routines can be found in esm_runscripts/


In order to provide the additional functionality to the yaml+ configuration files (like choose blocks, simple math operations, variable expansions etc.). esm_parser is an extension of the pyyaml package, it needs the esm_calendar package to run, but can otherwise easily be used to add yaml+ configurations to any python software.