YAML File Hierarchy

Hierarchy of YAML configuration files

The following graph illustrates the hierarchy of the different YAML configuration files.

ESM-Tools configuration files hierarchy

ESM-Tools configuration files hierarchy

A parameter defined in, for example, a component will be overwritten by the same parameter if it’s defined in a setup or the runscript.

How can I know where a parameter is defined?

One of the first steps in every ESM-Tools operation is to load the configuration files and merge their information following the hierarchy described above. During runtime, this final dictionary is stored in a yaml file under the following possible paths:

  • <base_dir>/<expid>/run_<DATE>/configs/<expid>_finished_config.yaml

  • <base_dir>/<expid>/configs/<expid>_finished_config.yaml

One can use this file to check the final value of the desired parameter. The same information can also be retrieved by using inspect command (Arguments):

esm_runscripts <your_runscript> -e <expid> --inspect config

Additionally, these files/output also contain information about the provenance of the value in the form of comments:

    model: fesom  # <PATH>/esm_tools/configs/components/fesom/fesom-2.0.yaml,line:4,col:8
    branch: 2.0.2 # <PATH>/esm_tools/configs/components/fesom/fesom-2.0.yaml,line:17,col:13
    version: 2 # <PATH>/esm_tools/configs/setups/awicm3/awicm3.yaml,line:399,col:18
    type: ocean # <PATH>/esm_tools/configs/components/fesom/fesom-2.0.yaml,line:7,col:7
    comp_command: mkdir -p build; cd build; cmake -DOIFS_COUPLED=ON -DFESOM_COUPLED=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../ ..;   make install -j `nproc --all` # <PATH>/esm_tools/configs/setups/awicm3/awicm3.yaml,line:414,col:31
    clean_command: rm -rf build CMakeCache.txt # <PATH>/esm_tools/configs/components/fesom/fesom-2.0.yaml,line:10,col:16
    - git+https://github.com/esm-tools-plugins/tar_binary_restarts  # <PATH>/esm_tools/configs/components/fesom/fesom-2.0.yaml,line:13,col:3
    install_bins: bin/fesom.x  # <PATH>/esm_tools/configs/components/fesom/fesom-2.0.yaml,line:22,col:19