Source code for esm_cleanup.cli

import argparse
import os

from .esm_cleanup import *

[docs]def evaluate_arguments(): """The arg parser for interactive use""" parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument( "-r", "--runscript", help="Name of the experiment's runscript", default=None ) parser.add_argument( "-f", "--folder", help="Location to experiment's toplevel folder", default=".", ) parser.add_argument( "-e", "--expid", help="Experiment name", default=None, ) args = vars(parser.parse_args()) runscript = None folder = "." if "runscript" in args and args["runscript"] and "expid" in args and args["expid"]: runscript_dict = read_in_yaml_file(args["runscript"]) folder = runscript_dict["general"]["base_dir"] + "/" + args["expid"] elif "folder" in args: folder = args["folder"] else: print( "Either specify runscript and expid, or experiment folder to identify experiment to clean up." ) sys.exit(-1) if folder == ".": folder = os.getcwd() return folder
[docs]def main_loop(folder): saved_space = 0 while True: print_folder_content(folder, saved_space) action = ask_for_action(folder) if action == "remove_subfolder": saved_space = remove_subfolder(folder, saved_space) elif action == "remove_run_subfolders": saved_space = remove_run_subfolders(folder, saved_space) elif action == "remove_some_files": saved_space = remove_some_files(folder, saved_space) else: sys.exit(0)
[docs]def main(): print_disclaimer() orgfolder = evaluate_arguments() while True: folder = orgfolder while not is_experiment_folder(folder): answer = pick_experiment_folder(folder) if answer == folder: break folder = answer if assert_question(f"Continue to work on folder {folder}?"): break check_if_folder_exists(folder) main_loop(folder)